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Unifi Design Studio

Research, Design & Development Supporting Customer Experience

Our Process

The steps in our process surround the user in a continuous cycle


  • 1. Learn - Explore and capture customer needs, desires, expectations, values, attitudes, behaviors, and goals.
  • 2. Empathize - Identify and understand potential challenges, and how they affect customer behavior.


  • 3. Concept - Create potential solutions, using a design thinking approach informed by data, and inspired by innovation.
  • 4. Build - Choose a few of the promising ideas produced in the concept stage and build them out.


  • 5. Measure - Test the experience and ensure that customers are achieving the benefits that were defined.
  • 6. Improve - Leverage feedback channels to analyze and identify areas for improvement.

Experience Design Mindsets

  • Human-Centered

    Our work is ultimately about serving people and their needs.

  • Open-Minded

    We take an egoless approach to finding the best solution.

  • Collaborative

    We work closely with decision makers and end users.

  • Specialized

    The challenges we tackle drive the techniques we apply.

  • Action-Oriented

    You can count on us. Accountability is our middle name.

  • Experimental

    We test, we iterate, we improve.

Experience Design Skills

  • Observation

    We seek to fully understand how people engage with a UI.

  • Research

    Before any content is written or styling is applied, we learn.

  • Challenge Framing

    We identify the challenge, then align our approach to fit.

  • Pattern Identification

    We create efficiencies by leveraging common experiences.

  • Visualization

    We help people understand complex concepts by depicting them effectively.

  • Storytelling

    When data needs to be memorable, we craft a story around it.

Our Mission

We help Nelnet thrive by understanding users, building tools, and creating intuitive experiences that drive customer satisfaction.

An array of skills available based on your needs, budget, and timeline.

Our Capabilities

A comprehensive set of best-practice guidelines for every component.

Our Guidelines

Looking for the Unifi Design System?

A collection of components and guidelines to develop and design innovative, consistent and delightful products.

Unifi Design System
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