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Together, we can understand and assist with the challenge or opportunity on your mind.

Engaging the Unifi Design Studio


Superior CX is Nelnet's #1 Core Value

...and speaking of value. Here are a few things you'll gain by partnering with us.

We Understand - By simply consulting with us, we can better understand and assist with the problem you're trying to solve. Chances are we've addressed similar issues in the past.

We Have Repeatable Processes - By leveraging the processes we already have in place, we can achieve your CX goals quickly and efficiently. No more will you create an inefficient CX process or conduct one-and-done research efforts.

We Have Information - You'll have access to the library of data and tools that we maintain, right at your fingertips.

Reclaim Your Time - When you partner with our studio, you're able to focus your time where it's needed, and know that your CX efforts are in good hands.


Early is Great, but It's Never Too Late

Flexible is our middle name, so there's never a wrong time to pull in the Unifi Design Studio.

During budget planning - In an ideal scenario, we'd work with you while you're doing budget planning. Even if you're not sure what the CX problem is yet, accounting for our services up front will make the whole process smoother.

During a Project - We're happy to jump in at any time. If you're creating an entirely new experience or iterating on something that exists, we'll seamlessly partner with your group and assist however needed.

After an Implementation - Curious as to how your new experience is performing? We'd be happy to help you measure its performance, and help you identify areas for improvement.


Okay, Let's Do This

There are multiple ways to begin involving the Unifi Design Studio.

Via Email  - getcx@nelnet.net

Via Teams  - Unifi Design Studio

You're always welcome to reach out directly to one of the Unifi Design Studio leaders, Jeni McDonald  or Chris Grant.